frequently asked questions

What to expect when visiting fire+dough?

     At fire+dough, your pizza is custom made! After you pick a dough and a sauce base, our staff will prepare your pizza with unlimited toppings of your choice - there are over 45 to choose from. For the best pizza experience, we recommend five toppings or less on top of your sauce. Once your pizza has been topped, it goes into our 900°C oven where it gets flame fired for 90 seconds. Then, you can add finishing touches like arugula and garlic aioli before it's boxed up and in your hands. All of our pizza's are about 12".

Can I order ahead for pick up?

     Not currently. However, our pizza is ready incredibly fast at fire+dough. The pizza dough is pressed, then topped right in front of you, and flame fired for 90 seconds. Gone are the days of waiting 30+ minutes for hot, fresh, pizza pies. You can expect your experience to be less than 5 minutes door to door.

I don't know what toppings to pick! Do you have pizzas to choose from?

     No problem! We know it's hard to choose with 12,467,173 topping combinations*. If you're not sure how you'd like to Build Your Own pizza, we have six signature pizzas to choose from. The signature pizzas showcase a few classic flavour combinations that are sure to hit the spot! However, our staff are always happy to make recommendations while guiding you through the Build Your Own process. After all, that's where the magic happens!

Do you make your dough fresh?

     Absolutely! Every morning our staff make traditional Neapolitan pizza dough fresh, in-house, from scratch. We use Caputo 00 flour imported from Italy to provide the most authentic dough possible. A very important part of the traditional Neapolitan pizza dough-making process is allowing that dough to rest in the fridge for at least 24 hours. The dough we serve you was made anywhere from 36 to 48 hours ago, to ensure the absolute best consistency and flavour. We also make our house tomato sauce from scratch each day. Nothing's missed at fire+dough when it comes to fresh, authentic pizza!

Is there a gluten-free option?

     We do offer a "gluten-friendly" dough option (+$4). It is important to note that none of our products are guaranteed gluten-free. While this crust is gluten-free, because of the process involved in baking our pizza, the risk of wheat flour contaminating a gluten-free pizza while in the oven is extremely high. For that reason, we can only safely offer a "gluten-friendly" option. 

What options are available for vegans & vegetarians?

     fire+dough traditional pizza dough is dairy and egg free and is therefore safe for consumption by our vegetarian and vegan customers. Our sauces are all vegan with the exception of our alfredo base and our garlic aioli. We offer a vegan cheese option (+$2) and a vegan pepperoni in addition to 23 other vegan/vegetarian topping options. 

Do you serve alcohol?

     We hope to soon! We are currently awaiting our license from the AGCO and are looking forward to offering some great pairings. While fire+dough is a take-out only restaurant and alcohol will be served sealed, to-go, we do have a small patio where customers can choose to have a drink with their meal. 

* Topping combinations calculated based on pizzas ranging from 2 through 6 toppings (including a base sauce) out of a choice of 47 items